Friday, 11 November 2016

Choose the best fans for handling hot summer

Summer is on. The temperature outside is almost 50o Celsius. You are sitting on your office desk. Though your office room is fully air conditioned, it is failing to cool down the room temperature as the heat is nerve taking. Moreover, your boss has just vested you with some new responsibilities to be completed within the day. Nothing could be more hectic of a situation than this, isn’t it? So what is the solution?

Don’t worry, my friend. There is a way out now. Tower Fans! It’s sleek, it’s powerful; exactly the thing you need around you.

A tower fan is a diagonal table top fan that has multiple blade sets in it. The small fans in the tower work in a synchronized way to give you the best possible output.

Now as you come to know what you need, what will be your next step? Probably you will go online and search for the best tower fans in the market. So you do the searching, and now you are confused again. Everybody is claiming that they are the best in the market. Whom should you believe? Well, that’s very common these days. You know why? In this era of business marketing, no one is number 2 out there. But you and I alike know that, that can’t be true. So now you need some review as which one is better. Okay, let me put it this way, I won’t tell you to buy any particular one, I will just give you some insight and then you decide for yourself. That’s the correct way, isn’t it?

Cooling Fan

If you find, you will get probably thousands of brand names out there on the internet. Some of them are even very cheaper than the others. But remember, cheap is cheap. If you want performance and durability, you need to choose the brands that have a strong background.

Lasko, Holmes, Honeywell, Ozeri, Dyson etc are the best tower fans. These companies offer good quality tower fans for best cooling. They even offer varied features in their products. And if you compare among these brands, Lasko, Holmes and Dyson offer the best cooling fans. Now let us analyze some of the facts and features.

These fans are made out of plastic material, so it’s really light in weight. Almost all of these have 3 speed settings as per your need. The wind flow is better than a regular fan. The control panels are on top side so that you don’t find it difficult to operate. Panels contain LED illumination to help operating in the dark. It has a patented fused plug for the safety purpose and a digital display to show you the current setting. All the models have automatic shut off setting for power saving. They comply the North American Safety Standards (ETL). Some of them also contain a wind curve profile. Moreover, they can work in any direction you need. The Lasko has a good 90 degree oscillation system.

These are the good sides of it, so what are the bad sides? If there isn’t any? Yes, there is. Because everywhere in the world good accompanies bad. It’s like the opposite sides of a coin. The only bad side of this sort of fans, the users complain are that, these fans make huge buzzing. Yep, that’s true. But they are talking about the cheap models here. These cheap models can’t even distribute air to you unless it is placed very close to your body. But from my personal experience and with the reviews of many others I can say that the costly ones are not like this.

In my opinion,
Honeywell tower fans are tremendous things to have while the weather is giving you lemons. Now the choice is yours.